World of Warcraft Addiction

With no troublesome employment to waste my time, I’ve re-activated my old World of Warcraft account.  I worry that this was truly a huge mistake on my part, as I’ve already invested an unholy number of hours into this game over the weekend.  The new Cataclysm content is awesome – though, the actual expansion doesn’t come out until Tuesday, the 7th.

Even though playing WoW again is superb, I am not doing anything to advance myself.  I haven’t spent a single moment looking for a new job.  WoW tricks your brain into feeling productive because it constantly feeds you “rewards” every time you finish a quest or complete a dungeon.

Anyway, I can’t say what the future holds, but hopefully I’ll burn myself out on WoW at least enough to find a new job or some other way to earn $$$.

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On the road again

So, they let me go – I worked for months on a project that they greatly desired at one point; Alex walked into my office and told me it was scrapped.  Apparently going from greatly-in-demand to gather-your-stuff-and-leave is pretty easy.

After I “gathered my stuff” and left, I sat at Starbucks drinking coffee for upwards of three hours.  They had these really good caffeine coffee beans there covered in chocolate.  I snacked on two bags, but decided to quit when my stomach growled at me – a growl to let me know I have had too many sweets, I presume.  One benefit to a sugar and caffeine overload is that my mind races like a stampede of track horses thundering around a dusty track.  Yes, dusty is an accurate description of the ideas flowing through my head under such circumstances.  The ideas come and go so quickly that it is difficult to focus on one particular idea for more than a half-minute.  After about 60% of my false energy coursed itself out of my body, one particular idea stuck with me and seemed plausible – start a WordPress blog and ramble on until I find new work.


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