World of Warcraft Addiction

With no troublesome employment to waste my time, I’ve re-activated my old World of Warcraft account.  I worry that this was truly a huge mistake on my part, as I’ve already invested an unholy number of hours into this game over the weekend.  The new Cataclysm content is awesome – though, the actual expansion doesn’t come out until Tuesday, the 7th.

Even though playing WoW again is superb, I am not doing anything to advance myself.  I haven’t spent a single moment looking for a new job.  WoW tricks your brain into feeling productive because it constantly feeds you “rewards” every time you finish a quest or complete a dungeon.

Anyway, I can’t say what the future holds, but hopefully I’ll burn myself out on WoW at least enough to find a new job or some other way to earn $$$.


About oringish

I am a freelance engineer
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